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Hosting Companies Prepare for Rise in Number of Internet Users

According to market research company, Radicati Group, there were already some 2.4 billion Internet users worldwide in 2012. Those same users sent over 144.8 billion emails daily. And, the numbers are expected to rise exponentially.

The growth of the Internet points towards a definite increase in the number of websites.

“Today, websites (or domains) are the direct representation of a business’ brand as the virtual world becomes more active. With commerce being transacted within the Internet, a company’s website sets the impression and credibility of its business brand.: said Web and E-commerce hosting company Exabytes Network Sdn. Bhd. Chief Executive Officer- Chan Kee Siak.

As of June this year, reported that there are over 46 million registered websites, worldwide.

At the same time, Chan highlights that while Asia accounts for 44% (roughly 1.1 billion users) of the world’s Internet population, Internet penetration in the Asian region has only reached 27.5%.

“I believe this number will only increase in the next few years with the current aggressive introduction of web-enabled smartphones. More Internet users automatically means an increase in data. Exabytes already hosts over 200,000 websites, and we always need to be prepared to scale up our system to cater for a size-able increase in websites while ensuring reliable and uptime website-hosting for all the existing domains that we host,” he said.

The Exabytes Group of Companies has been in the hosting business since 2001, providing a diverse range of hosting related services such as web and email hosting, cloud hosting, e-commerce hosting, IT hosting and management services. The company’s business is unusual because it is completely online.

With the bulk of its customers comprising Malaysian SMEs, it also recently ventured into e-commerce hosting with its portal service.

“To achieve a high level of website uptime availability, Exabytes relies heavily on a very stable data centre that not only hosts all our websites on their servers, but gives consistently good support and connectivity services, data security and affordable pricing for any major scale up.” said Chan.

That’s when Exabytes decided to team up with AIMS, the leading carrier neutral data centre operator and managed services provider in Malaysia and South East Asia.

“So far, AIMS has been excellent in meeting all of Exabytes’ requirements to successfully run a very large scale website-hosting business. The uptime is excellent and has exceeded the guaranteed service-level agreement,” said Chan.

“The AIMS Data Centre workers are highly professional. It is headed by its CEO Chiew Kok Hin, who is a good listener and always open to suggestions and feedback to better support Exabytes as an important data centre customer. This gives our business the needed flexibility to expand our growth,” said Chan.

“AIMS’ carrier neutrality is also a great thing because everytime Exabytes thinks of changing our telco/ service provider package, we do not have to physically move any of our business applications to another data centre. AIMS gives us the flexibility and choice to select any telco or ISP connectivity network provider that Exabytes wants, thus allowing us to take maximum advantage of the competitive telco rates,” explained Chan.

To remain as a leader in the web-hosting and e-commerce business, Exabytes intends to continue differentiating themselves in terms of service quality to their SME customers. And with the strong support of its data centre partner AIMS for over five years, Chan said, “Exabytes serves over 67,000 clients, 200,000 websites and 1 million email accounts. We are also the top hosting provider in Malaysia with 26% of the market share- we couldn’t have done this without AIMS as our data centre that provides us with what our business needs to scale up with a peace of mind in terms of consistent quality and top technologies.”

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