AIMS Data Centre


What We Offer

Data Centre Connect

End-to-end interconnection between our data centres via our MEF 3.0 certified Layer 2 Virtual Private Network (L2VPN) for a dedicated, always-on, fixed bandwidth connectivity with maximum security and built-in redundancy.

Data Centre Internet Access (DCIA)

Burstable dedicated Internet access of 1Mbps and above within our data centre premises, powered by reliable Tier 1 upstream providers.

Metro Ethernet (Metro-E)

High-speed network connectivity service with point-to-point and point-to-multipoint connectivity between business sites, ranging from 4Mbps up to Gigabit network.

Layer 2 Virtual Private Network (L2 VPN)

A high-bandwidth, cost-effective connection between two dedicated connections that ensures total privacy and security for your communications.

Third-Party Internet Service Provider (ISP)

We can propose suitable third-party ISPs that offer cost-effective, superior telecommunications technical support as redundancy options within our suite of ICT solutions.

International Private Connectivity

Private connectivity services that leverage upon our international subsea and terrestrial cable assets to connect your assets around the world.

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