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AIMS Adopts Piller’s Green UPS

AIMS is first data centre in Malaysia to invest in environment-friendly UPS ˜DRUPS’ used by wafer fabrication plants.

KUALA LUMPUR, February 21, 2013 – AIMS Group (˜AIMS’) the country’s premier carrier-neutral data center, today announced that it is the first data centre in the country to invest and adopt the Dynamic Rotary Uninterruptible Power Supply (˜DRUPS’) by Piller Power Systems a German-based company.

Piller DRUPS is the world’s leading ˜DRUPS’ supplier brand that is widely being used in large-scale data centres across various developed economies such as Australia, Korea, Europe and USA.

Today, DRUPS technology for UPS is already widely used in the semi-conductor industry and wafer fabrication factories, since it uses less power and is more efficient.

Being a battery-less UPS, ˜DRUPS’ is a fully green and environmentally friendly Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) system that leverages on the stored kinetic energy of a spinning flywheel instead of the battery bank used by conventional UPS systems.

According to AIMS Group CEO, Chiew Kok Hin, this is the first time that the data centre is investing in this technology by Piller DRUPS. “We expect that DRUPS technology will give our customers better uptime, reliability and availability.”

“AIMS’ key focus has always been on providing top-quality data centre hosting services and we always look for ways to exceed our customers’ satisfaction and expectations.

AIMS says that while the investment cost to adopt DRUPS exceeds the usual static UPS, the cost is justified, since it will augment AIMS’ credibility and reliability, while ensuring our customer data remains secure and available 24-7 at no additional cost.

“In 2013, AIMS will continue to move up the data centre value chain by driving managed services such as caching services, media streaming, security, content delivery on top of managed hosting and more,” said Chiew.

“We are also looking at moving into Disaster Recovery service in order to not only provide data centre space but to be the seat for Disaster Recovery Drills, and solutions for Business Process Outsourcing via strategic alliances and partnerships,” Chiew said, adding that AIMS currently owns 37,500 sq feet of data centre space in Malaysia, making it one of the largest carrier-neutral data centres in Malaysia.

About DRUPS Technology

DRUPS is a green technology that enables large data centres – which require great amounts of mega watt UPS power to support UPS and mechanical loads such as Chillers and CRAH. Powered by batteries, traditional Static UPS needs to be operated in an Air Conditioned room whereas DRUPS can be operated in a Mechanical Ventilation Room.

Cooling availability is increased because of continuous UPS power backup to Chiller System. DRUPS also decreases operational costs as flywheel kinetic energy storage requires a more simple preventive maintenance as compared to the constant and scheduled monitoring that is required by traditional static UPS. The flywheel bearing will only require replacement every 8 to 10 years, compared to every 4 to 5 years for the traditional static UPS.

The flywheel kinetic energy storage minimises environmental wastage and over the long term will last longer than the traditional Static UPS. Its ability to support high step loads and its higher crest factor capabilities make it an ideal support system for large data centres. Its ability to handle leading power factor of latest server loads without derating makes it an important addition to AIMS’ data centres.

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