AIMS Data Centre



What We Offer

Recovery Consultancy and Planning Services

Expert help with consultation and planning to minimise the impact of any loss of your virtual business functions due to a disaster.

Disaster Recovery Management

Expert assistance with setting previously mapped-out processes such as Disaster Recovery, Business Continuity, Business Impact Analysis and more in motion when disaster strikes.


A solution that offers both primary and secondary co-location sites and its L2VPN inter-data centre connection to satisfy your physical disaster recovery needs.

TIME Cloud Services Recovery Site

A cloud-based disaster recovery site that can be deployed if the primary data centre is incapacitated.

Off-site Tape Management

An automated and centralized workflow management of physical back-up tapes to avoid data loss in the event of a natural or manmade disaster.

Disaster Recovery Workspace

A secure and customisable private or shared alternative workspace where key personnel can be relocated to during a disaster or disruption.

Why AIMS Disaster Recovery Services?

Best Practices

We call on decades of best practices and expertise to ensure that our solutions and tools can help you achieve your recovery targets.

Holistic Strategy

With highly trained engineers, tried-and-tested processes, policies and technologies, we ensure that your business continues no matter what.

Flexibility and Operational Scalability

Our data protection, environment and infrastructure recovery tools are suitable for all systems, budgets and needs.

Business Resiliency

Professional server hosting and replication, failover services and more help keep your business processes resilient against any disruptive threats.

Find out how AIMS can take your business to the next level.