AIMS Data Centre


What We Offer


AIMS Data Centre is the home of MyIX, Malaysia’s first neutral Internet exchange. All domestic and over 80% of foreign telecommunication carriers based out of Malaysia are hosted in our data centre.

MyIX serves as the point of connection for these local and international Internet service providers (ISPs), along with content providers, to exchange Internet traffic between each other. At AIMS Data Centre, you enjoy direct peering privileges with MyIX when you co-locate with us.


Connecting to telecommunication carriers and content providers directly via MyIX keeps the Internet traffic in the local route, which ensures data always travels through the most optimised route to the end user.

This results in improved broadband service quality for ISPs, which translates into a better experience for their end users when they access local content.


Since local traffic is kept to domestic networks via MyIX instead of suboptimal re-routing through international connections, co-locating in AIMS allows customers to save costs.

Data travels an optimised distance and through fewer hops to reach the intended recipient through direct peering with MyIX. This poses a significant cost benefit for smaller ISPs, who can reduce their dependency on costly international bandwidth links.

Find out how AIMS can take your business to the next level

Find out how AIMS can take your business to the next level.