AIMS - Frost & Sullivan 2019

Frost & Sullivan Recognises Aims As Malaysia
Data Centre Services Company Of The Year

Creating greater value for our customers

Increased digitalisation of the enterprise business environment is creating a spike in demand for data centre and cloud computing services, so much so that Malaysia’s data centre market size will witness investments of USD 1.4 billion by 2026.

As the business climate rapidly evolves, AIMS has proven its support to our customers by creating greater value through our dedication in providing a robust infrastructure, integrated cloud solutions and hyperscale data centre services. We continuously strive and innovate to become the leading data centre experts to bring your business through every evolution.

AIMS Data Centre successfully aligns its value proposition to address rising data centre services demand in Malaysia with its dynamic interconnected data centre ecosystem, enabling local enterprises to expand their businesses regionally and add more value to their customer offerings. Throughout 2020 and despite the challenges met by Covid-19, AIMS has shown its commitment by implementing numerous best practices to ensure uninterrupted services for its users. By enhancing its overall data centre offerings and growth strategy initiatives, the company establishes a strong and competitive data centre ecosystem and positions itself well for sustained growth in Malaysia.

Siddhesh K. Hule
Research Analyst, ICT – Asia Pacific
Frost & Sullivan

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